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Cross stitch patterns are a great way to express yourself with stitches. This blog post will introduce you to the wonderful world of cross stitch patterns, and give you some tips on how to use them in your own craft projects.

Are you a crafty person who loves to express yourself with your own unique style?


be you bag
”be you” mini bag

If so, then cross stitch patterns are just for you. These fun and creative patterns can be used in all sorts of projects from pillows to wall hangings, and they’re surprisingly easy to make! You don’t need any special skills or tools either – just some fabric, embroidery floss, scissors and a needle. Now that we know what cross stitch is let’s take a look at how it works.

Cross stitching is done by making stitches over the lines on graph paper called a pattern or chart. The stitched piece will end up being an image of the design in mirror-image as it appears on the chart (see picture). It may help if you imagine turning your chart upside down when deciding which direction to move between points since each square represents one stitch regardless of whether it’s above or below the horizontal line.

How to read the cross stitch chart:

For example, if working with even-weave fabric such as Aida cloth where there are two threads per inch (2), each square would represent 1/2 inch (1/2″). So basically every time you complete one box across and down on your chart this will equal 1 inch (1″) finished size on your project after blocking and finishing steps have been completed. This means that larger charts equate into smaller finished products while smaller charts result in larger finished products!

”Be you” Tote bag

We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post and found it informative. If so, we invite you to download a free pattern or two from our website for your own use! The designs are easy enough for beginners to complete with the help of an embroidery hoop – perfect if you want to make something special without too much fuss. And don’t forget that these cross-stitch patterns would also be great as handbag charms or wall art in your home. So what’s stopping you? Click on download now and start stitching today!

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