How to make blankets with twine for crochet


The twine for crochet is widely used for making rugs and bags. But, did you know that it is also possible to make blankets with this material? We will show you how to make an amazing blanket to decorate the sofa. So be careful not to lose the pattern at the end of the post!

Crochet blankets are a hit. These pieces leave the environment with the most elegant atmosphere. However, in the autumn-winter season, the blankets make the place also cozy. Know that there are several color possibilities and blanket models for different styles.


We chose blankets with a twine, because this yarn has a more rigid material than cotton yarns, for example. Knowing the techniques, and the use of the twine, it is possible to create and adapt several pieces.

twine for crochet
See the variety of crochet blankets made with twine. (Photo: Internet)

Various possibilities of blankets with twine for crochet

To make blankets with twine for crochet, an alternative is to use more neutral colors. This way, it is easier to match the blanket with the other elements of its environment. The neutral colors also make the place cleaner and sober.

However, the most colorful blankets can bring contrast to more monochrome environments. Using the combination of different colors can leave the atmosphere of the room fun and joyful.

But the important thing here is not to think about right and wrong. What we are trying to suggest are the various possibilities for making the blankets. Thus, crocheter, do not get stuck on a single idea to reproduce this type of piece!

Hands-on the crochet hook: make already a blanket with twine for crochet

As we said earlier, we will show you how to make a blanket model with the twine yarn. The model we propose matches several colors and only two basic crochet stitches, the chain and the single crochet. The cast-off is made with pendant fringes.

Know that the scheme of the piece involves ten different colors of the twine for crochet size J. The stitches are made with crochet hook E. With this material, it is possible to create a blanket in size 65x 135cm.

twine for crochet
A chart to make a crochet blanket with twine. (Photo: Internet)

We are in love with this blanket and we want to inspire you to recreate it! Do you accept the challenge?

Stay tuned, crocheter! To not lose yourself at the time of making the piece, follow carefully the instructions contained in the chart.

Understand that the more you train, the more improved your techniques and abilities will be. With dedication, we are sure that you will create amazing blankets with twine for crochet. Believe us!


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