Is it necessary to spend a lot to make crochet rugs?


When thinking of crocheting, a very frequent questioning is whether it needs to spend a lot of money. Consequently, this question also refers to crochet rugs. But don’t worry! We will help you to clarify your doubts, and we will also bring a pattern for you to learn.

Before anything, it is necessary to think about which type of rug you want to create. The type of crochet rug directly influences the material to be used. Therefore, you need to know that the most used yarns for these pieces are twine and the knit yarn.


These two types of yarns are usually cheaper. And you know why? Because they are usually sold in balls of yarns per kilograms, and not by meter as the cotton yarns. Even though there is a wide variety of brands, understanding this difference will make your journey much easier.

crochet rugs
See different models and styles of crochet rug. (Photo: Internet)

Save money making rugs with twine yarn and knit yarn

As we mentioned earlier, twine and knit yarn are the most advantageous for making crochet rugs. Also note that as the rugs usually take more yarns than other parts, it is more appropriate to buy these materials in large quantities.

This tip is very valuable for those who are going to start and for those who already sell their pieces. Once you have a yarn stock, you can produce various rugs. Why not enjoy buying more basic color yarns? Thus, you can make more generic pieces to decorate any environment.

It is also important to remember why to invest in large amounts of twine and knit yarn. These yarns are also widely used to make bags and cachepots, for example. This way, you do not lose material. Besides that, you can use them in creating other crochet pieces.

Learn to make crochet rugs by spending little

As promised, we will teach you how to make a crochet rug spending little money. Therefore, the chosen model uses only one color of twine. This rug has the oval format and its measurements are 146 cm per 67 cm.

crochet rugs
A chart to make a crochet rug. (Photo: Internet)

Also notice that the piece is very versatile and can be useful for different decorations. As much as the rug has different stitches, its realization does not require high levels of complexity. Separate an 8 mm hook and follow the chart instructions.

This way, you can make this rug in different colors and sizes. See how it is not necessary to spend a lot to make crochet rugs? Besides, you can invest that little money without fear because your pieces will look wonderful!


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