It’s necessary to spend a lot to crochet?


‘Handicrafts are gaining space every day in business. Whether present in clothing or decoration, the exclusivity of hand-made art is receiving notoriety. It is no different with crochet. In view of this, you could ask yourself: It’s necessary to spend a lot to crochet? Our answer is no.

In fact, compared to most crafts, crochet is simple, economical, quick and easy. In addition to having to invest little in material, the work itself is not exhausting. Therefore, time and money are very low.


Now, even if you don’t have to spend a lot, there are important points to consider before you start. These are the points we will talk about next.

Do you have to spend a lot to crochet when investing in materials?

To find out if it is you need to spend a lot to crochet the first thing you need to investigate is the material. This is the biggest investment you will make in the beginning.

First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to skeins of thread for crochet. Their prices vary between $ 6 and $ 20 depending on the material, thickness and grams. It is worth saying that the choice of the product must be considered from the part you will make.

spend a lot to crochet
Understand if you have to spend a lot to crochet! (Photo: Internet)

At the time of purchase, remember to pay attention to the size of the piece, the details and the amount of colors that will be used. For parts to order, make sure you know what your customer expects to receive. But regardless of the part, use quality materials.

In addition, always consider that the quality of the yarn will directly influence the quality of the final product. However, remember that quality is not always synonymous with high prices. Therefore, before making your purchases do research and seek detailed information.

You will also need crochet hooks. In the market, we find different models, sizes, prices and materials. The simplest models can cost less than $ 1 and the more sophisticated $ 75. In addition, you can also buy different needle kits for less than $ 12.

It is also worth saying that the size of the needle must match the thickness of the thread you will use. Research what you want and see the best result in your final product.


Courses to learn and improve crochet should also be considered in spending. If your desire is to work with this art, remember that learning must be something continuous. However, at the beginning, bet on free videos and tutorials on the internet. They will help you a lot.

Finally, we see that it is not necessary to spend a lot to crochet. What we really need is research and affection. With that, it is already possible to make beautiful pieces!


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