Make your own knitted yarn at home


You must have already seen some crafts made with knitted yarn. After all, this material has become a trend and is already present in various pieces such as bags and carpets. It is precisely for this reason that, if you go after him in some store, you will have to pay dearly.

We will show here that it doesn’t have to be this way! You can make your own knitted yarn simply and you won’t have to pay for it! Isn’t that great news? And it doesn’t end there: when you produce the material, you still have the opportunity to take care of the environment.


Want to know how all this is possible? Just look for some old clothes at home. Do you know those pieces that you don’t want to donate because of a tear or a spot? These are the ones you will use to make your knitted yarn. Having the material at home, you will be able to do your crochet without any problems and still have a beautiful job at home!

Step by step how to make a knitted yarn at home

We will explain here how you can make yarn from a shirt that you no longer wear. The first thing you need to do is cut off her sleeves and collar. You can discard the entire top of the collar. You will not need that part of the outfit.

The fabric will then be in a square shape. Fold almost in half to the left side, missing a few centimeters to join the two sides of the shirt. Thus, there will be a fabric margin left on the left side.

knitted yarn
It is simple to make a knitted yarn at home! (Photo: Freepik)

You should cut the strips of fabric the thickness of a finger from the right side. Be careful not to reach the end of the fabric by cutting it completely. Also, respect the margin that you separated. After that, unfold the shirt, leaving the part that was not cut in the middle.

In this part that has not been cut, you must make diagonal cuts connecting a strip with a subsequent strip. To start the cuts, place the scissors on the left side of the uncut part and make a cut diagonally to reach the beginning of the right side of the second strip.

Continue the process until you reach the end and manage to cut the last connection between the tracks. The result will be a long strip of fabric. Stretch it out and you will have your knitted yarn ready!


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