A crochet wallet for you to fall in love with!


A wallet is something extremely useful for the day by day. You may use the wallet to take a few things to a party or to keep documents in the bag. That’s why making a crochet wallet is a great option for you.

With crochet gaining space every day, you may create delicate and charming pieces. Know that besides making this wallet for self-use, you may give it as a gift or sell your work. After all, the crochet technique is simple and fast, so you may create several pieces in a short time.


See different crochet wallet models inspire yourself

With so many crochet wallet model varieties, we are sure that inspirations will not be lacking for you. Check the color and style diversity of this accessory so essential in our daily life, independent of the occasion.

crochet wallet
See different crochet wallet styles. (Photo: Internet)

Tutorial to make crochet wallets

What’s up, crocheter! How about learning how to make a crochet wallet? We have chosen a model that measures 13″ x 7″. This is an excellent size for the day by day, and you may use it as a clutch, that is, handbag, or to bring documents and credit cards in the bag in an organized way.


  • 1 beige and a raw crochet thread ball;
  • crochet hook D;
  • beige fabric for lining;
  • 1 zipper beige 11″ in length.


Know that this wallet is made of two balls yarn together all over the piece. Start making 5 ch stitches, 3 of these stitches will be to rise and create the first stitch. After this, make 5 dc stitches inside the first ch you made.

These 5 stitches should be made forming the popcorn stitch, that is, before finishing the last yarn over, start the next stitch. When you are at the last stitch, pull the yarn over by all the loops that you left from the previous dc stitches. This way, the stitch will be in relief.

For the next pattern, make more 4 ch and 5 dc stitches in the second ch that you made to start the first row. Follow the same process to create all 11 patterns. At the end of all the patterns, make 3 ch stitches and 51 dc stitches all over the round as the chart shows.

crochet wallet
A chart to make a crochet wallet. (Photo: Internet)

Finish with a sl st. Make more 7 motifs like this. After making all the motifs, sew them with invisible stitches according to the scheme. Fold the piece in the middle of the length direction and sew the sides also with an invisible stitch.

In the opening part, make the finishing stitch, that is in the chart. Sew the lining and finish with the zipper in the opening. There you go, your crochet wallet is ready for you to impress everyone!


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