Why make crochet tablecloths?


Are you looking for a simple, beautiful and easy way to make your home more cozy? So, why not learn how to make crochet tablecloths? After all, all decoration trends have valued this craft.

In a quick search on the networks, you’ll find both simple inspirations to use at home and options for decorating weddings. After all, this piece mixes vintage with modern colors, bringing affection to the fore.


That way, you cannot be left out of this trend. Taking this into account, in this post we brought you some tips on how you can make your crochet towel. But not just that. At the end of the post we will bring a simple and beautiful graphic for you to start a piece.

The charm of crochet tablecloth

Crochet has its charm, mainly because it looks like a lace. Depending on the model, the point is so delicate that there is no way not to get emotional. That’s why, bymaking crochet tablecloths,you won’t have to worry about whether or not you’re in fashion. The piece will fall in love at first sight!

It is also worth remembering that, when we produce a piece of crochet, we put our affection at each point. Thus, each piece is unique and, even if you try, one point will never be identical to the other. This exclusivity and love makes crochet towels beautiful and precious pieces.

crochet tablecloths
Learn how to make crochet tablecloths! (Photo: Internet)

Another charming point of crochet tablecloths is the choice of colors. They can be from colored to monochromatic.

Crochet Tablecloth Tutorial

As we said, we brought you a graph and some explanations of how you can make yourtoalha de crochê. This is a simple tutorial that you can reproduce in the size that suits you best.

If you have any difficulty understanding the chart, even with the explanations below, read our post “Golden tips for understanding crochet charts”. We bet that it will help you to understand it.

Now, going back to the tutorial, the first thing you need to do before you crochet is to read the chart carefully. In the case of round pieces, the number of points is essential for them to be perfect. So, be careful with the increases and decreases that are indicated.

Another factor that motivated us to choose this chart is the fact that it can be adapted to your needs. So, if your table is big, make more circles and join them, as we show in this diagram.

crochet tablecloths
Tablecloth graphic. (Photo: Internet)


Follow the chart carefully and you will soon see that making crochet tablecloths is incredible and pleasurable. Also check out other tips by reading our posts.


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