Learn to make a crochet tablecloth with an angel design


Know that a very simple way to transform your crochet pieces is to insert designs. For this, it is necessary a technique that uses squares full of empty double crochet throughout the piece. In this way, we will teach you how to make a crochet tablecloth with an angel’s design.

However, we need to reinforce that with this technique it is possible to insert a different design. Thus, you can use thousands of patterns of the most varied styles of designs, from animals to fruits and even flowers. How about decorating your house or selling these pieces to other people?


crochet tablecloths
See how it is possible to make crochet pieces with different designs. (Photo: Internet)

However, our focus is to show you a crochet tablecloth with an angel design, like the ones in the following image:

crochet tablecloths
See crochet tablecloth models with angel’s design. Photo: Internet

Tutorial to make a crochet tablecloth with angel design

Know that this tutorial of a crochet tablecloth with angel design is one of the easiest things you will see when it comes to crochet tutorials. Thus, we are sure that this model will be ideal for you to train your techniques!

To perform this work, you will need 1 ball of thread for crochet of the color of your preference and a crochet hook “D” or a thick one corresponding to the chosen yarn. So you need to pay attention when buying your material, okay?

Regarding the stitches, know that there are only two used in all work: the chain and the double crochet. Believe it! With just these simple stitches, you can create artworks in crochet.

crochet tablecloths
The chart to make a crochet tablecloth with an angel’s design. (Photo: Internet)

For the performance, know that this piece is composed of 50 rows in which always the first stitch is composed of 3 chains that are used as the first double crochet of the career. To start the piece you should crochet 148 chains, of which 3 are the first double crochet we just talk.

Regarding the remaining piece, the total amount of rows of this towel is 50, each row has 48 squares in which those with an x correspond to 4 double crochet. The ones that are empty are 2 double crochet with 2 chains between them.

Throughout the project, you should make a stitch on top of the stitch, so the piece creates the expected visual that we saw in the inspirations. Following correctly the chart you will have a beautiful crochet tablecloth with an angel design to decorate your room.


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