Why learn to make crochet table runners?


Do you know what table runners are? These pieces are practical accessories that make objects decoration stand out. So why not enjoy learning how to make crochet table runners? Yes, stay tuned because there is a chart at the end.

Note that with crochet it is possible to create different pieces. Therefore, the more you improve your techniques, the easier it will be to create new works. The best thing is that from your creations with crochet, you can decorate your home or sell the pieces and earn money.


That is why table runners are excellent accessories: these pieces can expand your product range. That’s because they are easy and quick to do. If you are new to this craft, this type of piece is suitable for you to train your skills.

crochet table runners
See how it is possible to make different table runners with crochet. (Photo: Internet)

Crochet table runners items: they highlight the decoration

Now that you already know the importance of the crochet table runners, we need to highlight an important detail. As much as the name refers to the table, this piece is not limited only to that significant furniture of the house.

Know that trimmers, countertops, and even center tables can be ideal for these pieces. Thus, it is necessary to adapt the size and format to the furniture you want. In this sense, table runners can be rounded, square, or rectangular.

Notice also that the difference between common towels is that the table runners do not cover the whole object. These pieces only mark a space. In this sense, they are tied to the idea of decoration.

Hands-on the crochet hook: learn to make crochet table runners

Thinking that you can use the table runners to refine your crochet techniques, we brought a more basic model. In the image, the piece is being used in a center table, but it also is appropriate for the common table.

The necessary materials are two balls of thread, a crochet hook size D, and 36 large pearls for the cast-off of the fringes. Learn that the piece measures 55″long x 15″wide. To learn how to do it, follow the guidelines contained in the chart.

crochet table runners
A chart to make a crochet table runner. (Photo: Internet)

Finally, we want to highlight that you can use the colors of your preference to make the piece, ok? Take advantage of this model as a basis to create different crochet table runners. Work with care and dedication to create this and other amazing pieces!


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