Make a crochet table placemat with knit yarn


The table placemat let any table more stylish, but have you ever thought of having a crochet table placemat? If the answer is positive, pay attention to our tips to learn how to make a piece using the knit yarn.

If you are not in the habit of using placemats, we want to show you how these items make the decor a success. Thus, there are several models and styles of table placemats. Know that these pieces can be made in different formats and sizes. The table placemats can be rounded, square, or rectangular.


The colors can also vary, depending on the preference of each person. In order not to contrast too much with the dishes, some prefer more neutral or monochromatic tones. However, know that there is also the possibility of creating very colored pieces. You are the one who determines the style of your table placemats.

crochet table placemats
See how it is possible to make different types of table placemats with crochet. (Photo: Internet)

Why make a table placemat with knit yarn?

The most used yarns to make crochet table placemats are twine and cotton threads. However, we will show you why use the knit yarn for these productions. In this way, you’ll find more material options to do your work.

Understand that the knit yarn is sustainable since it is a reusable material of the industry. This means that, when making pieces with it, you collaborate with the preservation of the environment.

We can also say that the knit yarn yields more than the common threads. Generally, this yarn is sold by the kilogram and not metro. Thus, you can make more pieces with a smaller amount of material. Incredible, isn’t it?

Learn to make right now a piece with knit yarn

As promised previously, we will teach you how to make a table placemat with knit yarn. To produce this model, two kilos of knit yarn are required in the colors of your preference and a crochet hook 1/0.

Note that the format is round with the ending in a shape that resembles a star. Follow carefully the instructions in the following chart. For a better finish of work, use instant glue to hide the yarns and nodes.

crochet table placemat
A chart to make a table placemat with knit yarn. (Photo: Internet)

Now you no longer have apologies and can make your own crochet table placemat with knit yarn. So we challenge you to recreate this model! Enjoy the holidays to make your table more charming. Your decoration will be very successful.


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