Three types of crochet socks models


This is the article that will scandalize people who think that socks are only made of knitting! Well know that this is not true! Crocheters can also make these pieces. Therefore, if you want some models of crochet socks for you, stay tuned in the options that we will present today!

Currently, there are several models of yarns that best fit this type of garment. They are more malleable and therefore do not hurt your feet. In addition, today there are models that also allow greater comfort of the sock. Therefore, crochet has already become a technique that has everything to do with the creation of graceful and soft socks.


If you’ve never tried one of these socks, it’s time for you to start making some. In addition to being able to sing them, you can still sell them. We are sure that the chances of them enchanting other people will be great. After all, it’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t like to wear beautiful and colorful socks on cold days!

List of amazing crochet socks models

Ankle socks

For people who like ankleless socks, this model is great. You can use a pair of this type in the cold moments with that outfit that doesn’t go well with an ankle sock. To do it, it is worth using a 3.5 mm needle and a super thin thread!

crochet socks
See charming crochet socks models! (Photo: Internet)

Super high ankles socks

On the other hand, for those who like models with high ankles, this is an excellent option. The great benefit of it is that it is very comfortable and guarantees the heating of a good part of the leg. You can use it under a boot without problems.

Toe-up socks

This model is great not for his specific beauty, but for the technique. It’s very simple to make, which is great news for people who don’t know how to crochet socks yet. After all, you start to make the socks by the tip of it, that is, by the part where the big toe is.

This means that you can use the sock while you are crocheting. This will help you define the measurements, preventing the piece from becoming too loose or too tight. After you get the hang of it, you can already risk other models of crochet socks.


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