Learn how to clean crochet rugs once and for all!


If you are a crochet maker, it is practically impossible that you have never made a crochet rug. After all, this is one of the first things we learn to craft with technique. Therefore, the expected is that you have several crochet rugs at home. In view of this, we have to ask a question: do you know how to take good care of your pieces?

It is useless to spend money, energy, and time on the production of a rug and, after that, ruin the piece in a short time. It is for this reason that we always insist here on the site on the need to preserve your work. This way, they will look beautiful for longer and you can enjoy them for years!


If you don’t know how to clean a crochet rug in the right way, it’s always time to learn! You can start celebrating because you will find out how to do it today! We will give tips for those who clean the part by hand or in the washing machine. So, no one will be left without knowing what to do to clean your carpet!

Tips on how to clean crochet rugs

Before pointing out the specifics of each washing mode, we must say that it is important that you prepare the piece beforehand. So, get a vacuum cleaner or a soft broom and remove excess dirt. Now, let’s go to the instructions!

Cleaning in the washing machine

Raise your hand who has already put the crochet rugs in the washing machine! We saw you huh? It’s all right. If that is your case, you are not the only one. However, it is necessary to take certain precautions.

crochet rugs
See what to do to keep your crochet rugs clean and preserved! (Photo: Freepik)

One of them is to place the rug inside a pillowcase or a washing bag to avoid damaging the piece. Nobody wants damaged wires here, do they? Another important tip is not to spin the carpet. The unwanted effect would be the same.

Cleaning by hand

Now let’s talk like brave women who wash their carpets by hand. Never use a brush to scrub as parts. This will only damage your job.

Also, avoid twisting the crochet rugs or extending them vertically. It is best that you leave them lying down so that they do not become deformed. Having said that, you can wash the pieces unpreoccupied.


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