Learn how to make crochet rugs with wool


The rugs are a go-to pieces of the crocheters. They are indispensable for those who work with this craftsmanship. Have you ever thought about making your crochet rugs with wool? Don’t worry, as we will teach you how to use this material in your pieces! In the end, there is a rug model chart for you to learn.

Why are we proposing a wool rug? Because usually the crochet rugs are made of twine. Our idea is to offer a different proposal for you to test and diversify your crochet productions.


Because of the soft wool aspect, the material is very used in clothes. However, there is no obstacle for you to create a rug with this feature. With wool, the crochet rugs are more comfortable, especially for you to be very relaxed indoors.

crochet rugs with wool
See how it is possible to make different crochet rugs types using wool. (Photo: Internet)

Different wool types to make crochet rugs

Before making your crochet rugs, it is necessary to pay attention to wool types. Like any yarn, the wool has different thicknesses and this aspect influences your work’s result. That’s why you must pay attention when you are purchasing.

We recommend that you examine the material. As much as the wool is a softer texture yarn, analyze if it will be viable to use the same wool for baby clothes or rugs, for example. Besides, maybe to save material, you may mix diverse thicknesses to create pieces that have different textures.

In addition, take advantage of the wool variety to perfect the details. Mixed and glitter yarns may make the rug unique and special. We are sure that your dedication will stand out. You can invest your time and money in it because success will be guaranteed.

Hands-on hook: learn how to make a piece

As we have mentioned earlier, the crochet rug with wool makes the house more comfortable. So, the model we choose plays with texture and the maze shape. The measure of this rug is 45 × 65 cm, a compact size to use in different places.

crochet rugs with wool
A chart to make a crochet rug with wool. (Photo: Internet)

To make this pattern, you will need seven balls of each color. The hook used has a size G. Follow carefully the chart instructions for not getting lost in this yarn and stitches maze.

Notice that more neutral colors are used, such as beige and brown, but you may vary. Have you ever thought about making this rug with green and red colors to enter the Christmas spirit? The house decoration will be even happier for this date.

Enjoy and make many other soft crochet rugs with wool. Your house deserves all this comfort.


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