Make crochet rugs with knitted yarn


The knitted yarn is one of the go-to pieces of the crocheters. It is so versatile that it is possible to make crochet rugs with knitted yarn. If you didn’t know that, we will show you how to make it. Thus, be alert: we will leave a chart for you to produce a pattern.

For those who don’t know the knitted yarn, we need to highlight its main characteristic. This yarn has a sustainable use and do you know why? Because it is an industrial waste, that is, what would be discarded before, may be reused.


Usually, the crochet rugs are made of twine. However, you may expand your repertoire by innovating your productions with different materials. We are sure that you will impress everyone and make a lot of success. You and your customers will love it!

crochet rugs with knitted yarn
See different crochet rugs with knitted yarn. (Photo: Internet)

Crochet rugs with knitted yarn: they never become unfashionable

Crochet rugs are pieces that never become unfashionable. But they are essential items for the home and other environments such as offices, schools, and doctor’s offices. That’s why crocheter, invest in your skills to always have available rugs to sell.

We know that knowing the trends, you may create different rugs that work well anywhere. Besides, the more knowledge you have, the easier it will be to find specific models to meet your customers’ needs.

Know that, whether to decorate their home or their workplace, many people like to adorn an environment with something that represents their personality. This way, the crochet may help in their identification with that particular place. Don’t forget this when you make crochet!

Learn now how to make crochet rugs with knitted yarn

As we have mentioned earlier, it is essential to be connected to the new trends. Then, we will leave a crochet rug model with knitted yarn for you to learn! The model that we choose matches three different colors and still has fringes.

This rug measures 37″ x 28″ and four balls are necessary: two whites as the foundation, a yellow, and a flowery to make the geometric forms. And pay attention: as the knitted yarn is thicker, the hook needs to be bigger. In this case, the hook used needs to be J to P.

crochet rugs with knitted yarn
A chart to make a crochet rug with knitted yarn. (Photo: Internet)

Make crochet rugs with knitted yarn. Don’t miss the chance to win customers and make money. So, impress everyone with your productions to make a more personalized decoration of different environments!


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