Why make crochet rugs from twine


All the crochet rugs are great for decorating the house. These pieces bring comfort and beauty to any environment. But, did you know that you can make crochet rugs from twine?

The twine is a thicker and stronger type of yarn. This way, the crochet pieces made with this material has a much simpler way of doing and are made in a short time. Besides that, it makes the environment warmer.


Inspirations of crochet rug models of twine

Know that you can use a twine crochet rug in the most varied forms. Thus, you can put it in a house as a walkway in the hallways and rooms, a rug for bathrooms and rooms, or just as a decoration piece.

twine crochet rugs
See different uses of twine crochet rugs. (Photo: Internet)

Considering the beauty and speed of the production of crochet rugs, you can produce them for different home environments. So why don’t you take this opportunity to sell carpets and earn that extra income?

crochet rugs from twine
See some models of crochet carpets from twine. (Photo: Internet)

A tutorial to make crochet rugs of twine

After these beautiful inspirations, we brought for you a quick and simple tutorial for making a charming crochet rug of twine. Know that for this piece you will only need a ball of twine for crochet in the color of your preference. Besides that, you will need a crochet hook “F”.

Way of doing

Start the work by making 58 chains for the center foundation of the rug. After this, make 5 more chains that will correspond to the first stitch of the first row and the rug in which the stitches will be made to create the rounded part of the rug ends.

To continue this first row you should skip 3 foundation chains. Then, make 4 double crochet, 2 foundation chains, skip 2 chains foundation, 41 double crochet in each foundation chains. Besides, make 2 chains, skip 2 foundation chains, and 1 double crochet.

This sequence you just did is exactly the center of your rug and all the work will be built around it. To have a perfect job you need to follow with attention the chart below.

crochet rugs from twine
The chart to make a crochet rug from twine. (Photo: Internet)

Pay attention to the fact that the nozzle of the rug is indicated separately. However, its way of doing is not separated, that is, once the central standardization is completed, already make the nozzle around the piece.

Thus, at the end of this work, you will have a beautiful piece! This way you can enjoy creating this and other various crochet rugs from twine to adorn your home. So, don’t waste time and start now.


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