Discover the charms of a crochet rug runner!


A crochet rug runner is a useful item for all houses. Know that this piece serves both for the floor protection, as for the decoration of any room. In this sense, the crochet uses for the piece elaboration combines charm, delicacy, and exclusivity.

Know how to use a crochet rug runner

First of all, you need to understand the difference between this piece and a rug. Understand that the rug runner is longer and used in the locations relating to the passage, such as corridors, for example.


Another alternative is to use the crochet rug runner before the kitchen sink. This way, it is possible to protect the floor from water splashes while you wash the dishes or kitchen. You may also place these pieces in front of the stove and fridge so it will have the same function.

crochet rug runners
See how to use crochet rug runners in the kitchen. (Photo: Internet)

Besides the kitchen, the crochet rug runners may also be used in the room. Have you ever thought about putting these pieces next to the bed? This use is perfect because usually when we get up our body is warm, and it is not good that we place our feet on the cold floor.

crochet rug runner
See different crochet rug runner models in the room. (Photo: Internet)

Know the crochet rug runner types

Know that for being a longer piece, there are usually two more popular rug runner types. There is both the rug runner rectangular model in which the edges are straight and the model with the rounded edges.

crochet rug runner
See crochet rug runners with straight and rounded edges. (Photo: Internet)

Besides this difference between the models, you may differentiate your works using crochet and stone flower applications. But, remember that these pieces will be in passing places, so it is not interesting that you place details because someone may stumble on them.

Now, if you don’t give up the safety and details, you may create a crochet rug runner with designs made through patterns.

crochet rug runner
See different patterns in the crochet rug runners. (Photo: Internet)

Tutorial to make a piece

How about enjoying making a crochet rug runner in a few hours? We have brought a simple and charming tutorial with a beautiful flower drawing for you. For this piece, you will need a twine ball and a crochet hook F.

Start the work with 278 ch, 4 for the first stitch of the first row. You should make 102 rows following the chart below in which each square is made up of 2 dc stitches separated by 2 ch, and the X’s are the 4 dc stitches sequence.

crochet rug runner
A chart to make a piece. (Image: Internet)

At the end of the work, you will have a beautiful crochet rug runner to protect the floor of your home. Knock it out in your productions to make your environment decoration amazing.


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