Learn how to make a crochet round rug in a few hours


Rugs may brighten any environment and bring a lot of comfort to the home. Know that there are several ways to create a rug. However, one of the most beautiful is by craftsmanship. Honestly? We love the round crochet rug.

Of course, each model has its beauty, but a round rug in the room or the bedroom may make wonders in your decoration. You may create beautiful rugs for your home, to gift, or to sell. After all, this craftsmanship is easy and fast and may be made in a few hours. 


See inspirations to make a round crochet rug

A great way to create your round crochet rug is to seek inspiration. So, you may understand how this piece works in different environments’ decoration.

Know that you may create big or small rugs. The size choice will depend on where you want to place your rug. Besides, the color choice may change everything in your home.

Since we’re talking about colors, we have brought these inspirations that show how a strong color may be the detail that your room or bedroom needs.

round crochet rug
See models of crochet rugs in bright colors. (Photo: Internet)

Another way to bring fun and beauty to the rooms is the color rugs application:

round crochet rug
See different applications of crochet rugs. (Photo: Internet)

Finally, but not least, we have brought round rugs models in which there are different color yarn matches. So, you will have even more colors in your rooms.

round crochet rug
See how it is possible to match colors on your crochet rug. (Photo: Internet)

Tutorial of a piece

The model we have brought is very simple and may be made in a few hours. This is good because, besides making this rug for you, you may create several pieces to sell and gift friends or your family.

Know also that this model is easily adaptable for you to combine the inspirations that we have previously shown you. For this round crochet rug, you will need:

  • 1 raw twine big ball or on the color that you like most;
  • 1 crochet hook E.
round crochet rug
A chart to make a round crochet rug. (Photo: Internet)

For the piece’s way of doing, you should follow the chart correctly, to ensure that your work is done as perfectly as possible. With a lot of dedication and attention, your work will be even better.

Know that the piece’s middle part has 14 rows and shape a beautiful pattern that reminds a flower. After the 14 rows, you should make a crochet border around the piece because it is what brings the charm to this rug.

At the end of this work, you will have a beautiful round crochet rug to decorate your home or being a great income source.


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