Learn to make crochet ponchos to warm the children


Have you ever thought of making crochet ponchos? These pieces are ideal to warm you up on cold days, even more in the winter. So we will teach you how to make a child poncho model. Pay attention to the end of the post, because there will be a chart with the pattern.

Know that the poncho is a very versatile piece and can be adapted to everyone, regardless of age. With crochet, this clothing can be even more personalized and unique for any person. However, our focus now is children.


Since generally children have lots of energy, making winter clothes more comfortable is essential. Thus, know that for the small ones, the ponchos are perfect, because the format of the piece is looser and gives greater freedom to the movements.

crochet ponchos
See different crochet ponchos options for children. (Photo: Internet)

See crochet ponchos inspirations for children

The biggest advantage of making crochet ponchos for children is the diversity of ideas. Therefore, you can use and abuse your creativity to create unique and fun pieces. In the childish universe, this means creating well-colored pieces or using some character as a theme.

Another option we recommend is also to bet on monochrome ponchos. They also become a charm and let the children protected from the cold with lots of elegance. Therefore, do not forget to also invest in models with caps.

Since these ponchos are for the small ones, also invest in softer yarns. This care avoids skin irritations, especially in the skin of babies. Thus, you can create warm and comfortable pieces.

Hands-on the hook: learn to make now a childish crochet poncho

What’s up, crocheter? How about learning to make a well-colored childish crochet poncho? As promised, we brought a chart for you. Already separate your crochet hook “E” and six different color ball of yarn.

Here we are using yellow, orange, red, royal blue, sky blue, and green, but you can use the colors of your preference, or those of the child, in this case. Note that this model also has fringes, letting the finishing even more beautiful.

crochet ponchos
The chart to make a childish crochet poncho. (Photo: Internet)

To help you, notice that we also left the way to put the fringe. Pay attention to not losing any detail, okay? Following all the guidelines of the chart, we are sure that you will do very well!

Thus, get ready to make several crochet ponchos to warm the children. Take the opportunity to attract the attention of your customers with these incredible pieces.


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