Make a crochet poncho in a few hours


Crocheter, pay attention! Winter is coming and with it come the increasingly cold days. Have you ever thought of creating different pieces for this time of year? For this reason, we want to show you how to make a crochet poncho. Do not forget to check the pattern we left in the end.

But, do you know what the poncho is? This is a traditional piece of South America. It is ideal for protection from both low temperatures and strong winds. The poncho is a kind of cape that is used over clothing to be supported on the shoulders.


The piece has a quadrangular format, with openings in the head and arms. To keep the body warmer, to make the poncho it is recommended to use thicker materials. Therefore, wool is ideal, as it also has a softer and pleasant texture for the skin.

crochet poncho
See different crochet poncho models for adults and children. (Photo: Internet)

Crochet poncho: a versatile piece for everyone to use

Now you know what the poncho is and what it is for. It is also necessary to know that this is a piece that can be used by everyone. Yes, these clothes can be worn by children and adults, regardless of age and sex. Therefore, you need to learn how to make a crochet poncho.

The poncho format is the same, and so it is a very versatile piece. It is up to you, crocheter, to think of styles for each audience. With this, we mean that you can think of more colorful pieces for children, for example. While the most neutral tones can serve better to the taste of adults.

However, it is possible to create thematic pieces according to the taste of each person. Maybe inserting characters can please the children. On the other hand, flowers and colorful prints can please the women. Similarly, stripes and other geometric formats cannot be limited to the male audience, but please all.

Learn to make a crochet poncho in a few hours

Then, crocheter, how about learning to make a poncho in a few hours? Dominating the basic crochet stitches you can make this model and many others quickly. The model we propose is of a female poncho.

crochet poncho
A chart to make a female crochet poncho. (Image: Internet)

Note that this model has a combination of different colors and also has fringes. It may seem difficult but it is not, believe me! To do so, the secret is to use four mixed color yarn balls to create this effect. The crochet hook is 4 mm.

Following the guidelines present in the chart, you will do a great job! Therefore, make a beautiful crochet poncho for cold days. Enjoy creating pieces for babies, children, and adult audiences. You will look great!!!


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