Be careful when washing your crochet pillow!


Did you finish making your pillow with string and, after that, have you used it? Great! After all, you really have to take advantage of the results of your hard work! However, knowing that it will get dirty at some point, so it is necessary that you take some care when washing your crochet pillow.

There is no point in putting your work in the washing machine and forgetting that you need to take care of its conservation. This will cause your work to deteriorate quickly. At the end of the day, you will have spent money aimlessly on material, not to mention the energy and time that was wasted with the making of this piece.


In view of this, do not make the mistake of neglecting to care for your pillow! We want to help you know what to do and, therefore, we have put together a list of suggestions on how to clean it without damaging the product. All of our tips are quite simple and will only require a little willpower on your part!

Step by step how to clean your crochet string pillow

Don’t rub the pillow and forget about the brush!

This is a very important tip! When we wash clothes by hand, one of the things that we do the most is to rub the pieces. However, this frictional movement will damage the integrity and beauty of the string.

Retire bleach

You will not need bleach when washing your pillow. It can also damage your part. Prefer to use products without chlorine to clean the stains that may appear in your work.

crochet pillow
See how to clean your crochet pillow without damaging it! (Photo: Internet)

Do not twist the crochet pillow

If you do not fail to rub your piece, it is quite possible that you will sin when twisting it. By tightening the string, you will only be damaging it. So avoid doing this. It is better to leave the cushion drying in the sun for longer than to lose it more quickly.

Do not extend the piece on the clothesline

This is also a golden tip. If you let the pillow dry vertically, the chances of the string fraying are great. Therefore, it is better to leave the piece lying down after washing it. That way, you will prevent the part from spoiling.

Having said that, we hope that now you have no more doubts than not to do when it comes to washing your crochet pillow!


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