Learn how to make crochet nozzles in a simple way!


If you want to learn how to crochet, know that the process does not have to be complicated. You don’t have to face a bed coverlet right away. Ideally, you should start taking small steps so that, over time, you learn the technique and make real progress. In this case, we recommend that you start making crochet nozzles.

That’s right, we are talking about that ornament that is usually around fabrics made with this handmade technique, and that makes everything more sophisticated. You may ask yourself the reason for learning how to make the nozzles early on. After all, it would be more interesting to start doing what is essential and leave what is superfluous for later.


If that is your thinking, know that you are thinking the wrong way. It is possible to make crochet nozzles around dish towels, for example. In view of this, you can learn crochet in a simple way, leaving an unsophisticated piece more sophisticated. When you have more security, then you should propose to do an entire job.

Discover how to make one of several crochet nozzles

The first thing you need to know before making a crochet nozzle is that your thread and needle need to be fine. This is not a must, but when you choose these types of materials, you guarantee the delicacy and beauty of your work.

Of course, for thicker pieces like bedding, it is necessary to use a stronger material. Anyway, this is not your case if you are starting to learn crochet now, is it not? We will avoid unnecessary frustrations.

crochet nozzles
Learn how to make crochet nozzles! (Photo: Internet)

That said, we can present our tutorial on how to make a crochet brush. First, make sure you have a 1.25 mm needle, a dish towel, and a thread equivalent to the thickness of the needle (if in doubt, ask the clerk and she will help you).

After that, you can get your hands dirty (better said, on the cloth). Insert the needle into it and make 5 little chains. Then, make a high point in the fourth chain. Continue making two high points in the same space. After that, attach the thread to the cloth again, respecting the distance of the three chains, and make a high point.

Then, make 3 more chains and make a high point within the previous high point. Continue doing 2 more highlights. After that, repeat the entire process until the cloth is finished.

Finished? Not yet! As soon as you finish this step, you will have to make a half-point. Then make three little chains and two high points. Finally, set up a half high point and end with a very low point. See how simple it is to make crochet nozzles? Don’t waste time and give it a try today!


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