Crochet necklaces suggestions for you to make


Long ago, crochet invaded the women’s wardrobe. It is present in jackets, shoes, blouses, dresses, etc. In addition, those who like to use bags can also have a crochet one. The truth is that this craft technique is all about fashion. Today we want to talk a little bit about crochet necklaces with you.

That’s because they are incredibly graceful and can please any style. Don’t think that there is only one model of the accessory. Today there are several crochet necklace options available out there. So it doesn’t matter if you like a more hippie style or if you’re super classic. Rest assured that you can have a necklace to call your own.


On the other hand, you can also make these products to sell. In addition to helping to increase the self-esteem of other women, you will also earn money to run your projects! In view of this, don’t waste any more time and get to know some types of crochet necklace! To help you, we will present three models below.

Three models of crochet necklaces to start making today!

Bead necklace with pendant

Do you like a more elegant necklace? So this is an excellent option. That’s because this necklace is a luxury. To do this, we recommend that you use a metallic embroidery thread, glass beads, and a stone to serve as a pendant. You can wear it with a party dress or jeans! At any time, this type of necklace goes very well.

crochet necklaces
Meet three models of wonderful crochet necklaces! (Photo: Internet)


For choker lovers, this necklace is ideal. This is because it is straight on the neck and still gives an air of joviality and relaxation. To do so, you don’t need much. Just have a nice string and some beads. Furthermore, you need to know how to do low and half low.

Necklace with metallic thread

This is a very elegant and sophisticated necklace. With it, you can wear a more exquisite outfit or else adopt a more rock and roll style. You decide. To do this, you will need a metallic thread, in addition to Swarovski pearls and Czech crystals. We are sure that this is one of the finest crochet necklaces you have ever known.


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