Crochet Kitty sofa cover free Pattern


This is the purrfect crochet Kitty sofa cover Pattern for cat lovers!

The griddle stitch gives this couch a unique texture that will make your friends jealous

Plus, it’s easy to work up and can be completed in just one weekend. We even include step-by-step instructions so you don’t get lost along the way. You won’t find another project like this on the market today!


kitty sofa cover
kitty sofa cover

The griddle stitch gives this couch a unique texture and makes it feel more like a real couch than just a blanket thrown over some pillows.

Plus, the afghan is made with its own granny square pattern which adds even more character to the piece!

Your kitty deserves nothing but the best, which is why we included our own granny square afghan with this kit

It features a beautiful purple color that matches perfectly with any decorating scheme. And because it’s made of durable Red Heart Super Saver yarn, she can use it every day without worrying about wear and tear over time.

With all these perks at such an affordable price, there really isn’t anything else out there like Crochet Kitty sofa cover PatternPattern Kit!

I’m sure you’ve heard that time flies when you’re having fun, but did you know it also flies when you are crocheting? It’s true!

You can be at the end of a project in no time, and with our,Crochet Kitty sofa cover Pattern your chances of getting through all those projects is even higher. This easy pattern will have your cat coughing up yarn balls in no time!

This pattern was designed by one of our favorite designers at The Loop to create just this type of project – something quick with minimal effort for maximum result.

If this pattern sounds like something right up your alley then head on over to The Loop now to get started!



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