This crochet fox blanket makes the kids happy!


Few things are cuter than children’s objects – no matter if we’re talking about clothes, accessories, or decorations. Although there are some products with bad taste, generally what we see are graceful and fun objects. This is the case with the crochet fox blanket! It is one of the most beautiful things you will see today!

However, his beauty is not his only virtue. In fact, it works as a 3 in 1. Of course, its main function is to warm the child on cold days. Imagine how cute she will be wrapped in that blanket and drinking hot chocolate? This will definitely be an occasion to take lots of pictures of the little one.


Still, there are two more uses for this blanket and we are sure they must have already crossed your mind. Still, we will deal with each one below. You will find it very worthwhile to challenge yourself by making such a piece for your child. Rest assured that nothing in this blanket is impossible to do. Everything is crochet!

More utilities for the crochet fox blanket

The second function of this beautiful blanket is that of decoration. This is not big news, after all, nobody would leave this cuteness in the closet, right? If you would, it is worth thinking about how the piece contributes to the beauty of your child’s room. You can use and abuse this blanket.

It would be interesting to fold it as in the photo and place it at the end of the bed, for example. This care would make the room sophisticated and still very fun. The beauty of the composition might even encourage your child to make a bed every day. Worth a try!

crochet fox blanket
Understand why the crochet fox blanket is ideal for children! (Photo: Internet)

Finally, we still need to mention that the crochet fox blanket can also serve as a toy. In this case, we are talking about the piece as a gift to give to babies. You know that children at this stage love to touch things and also put everything they see in their mouths. The blanket could help you in that regard.

Just be careful to put eyes on the piece that has protection and do not let go of the piece. So your baby will be safe! Having said the functions of the crochet fox blanket, we recommend that you don’t waste any more time and start making yours! You will love it!


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