Crochet dresses for children: cute and passionate pieces


Know that there is a lot of possibilities to make crochet dresses for children. However, it seems to be an undoubted truth that these pieces have high cuteness doses.

As much as the pieces are made for the girls, know that the dresses become a grace in different colors from the traditional pink and white. Not by chance, it is difficult not to fall in love with crochet dresses.


child crochet dresses
See different models of crochet dresses for children. (Photo: Internet)

Learn how to make crochet dresses for children

For you to learn how to make crochet dresses for children, we have brought a model tutorial. To make it, you will need the following materials:

  • 2 yarn balls, each one of color;
  • 1 hook E.

Know that the best of this kind of dress is that you can make it in the size you want. The change will be made by the number of fringes you choose to make. In addition, the line increases in the body part.

crochet dresses for children
A chart to make a crochet dress for children. (Photo: Internet)


We need to say that this work is made in two separate parts: the body and the skirt. For the body, you should make 33 ch. Next, make 3 ch for the first-row stitch, then make 5 dc points in the next 5 ch.

In the sixth stitch, make 2 dc stitches, 1 ch, and 2 dc stitches in the same ch space, forming a fan. In the 11 ch followed, make 11 dc stitches and in the next stitch make another fan. Make others 17 dc stitches in the next ch, one more fan, and another 6 dc stitches.

In the next 4 rows, you should follow the dc stitches and fan patterns, so you should make in all rows, dc stitches under the previous fan dc stitches made, as you may see in the chart.

For the skirt you should repeat the chart frill, interspersing the colors as in the picture. If you want to make a longer dress, make more frills. Remember that each frill must be bigger than the previous to create the round skirt effect.

Attach the skirt to the body with dc stitches. To decorate even more this beautiful dress, you may pass a satin ribbon between the stitches that you have created to join the pieces and also apply a crochet flower.

At the end of the work, you may make this and many other crochet dresses for children. Then, you can sell them or present someone.


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