Golden tips for reading a crochet chart


Crochet has reigned for years as one of the most beautiful and easy handicrafts. However, especially for those just starting out, it’s not always easy to read the graphics. Thinking about it, we brought you golden tips for reading a crochet chart.

We want you to understand that crochet is not difficult. On the contrary, with a little practice it is very easy and pleasant to make this manual art. Not to mention that you can decorate your home, make clothes and earn money.


So follow our tips and get into everything in this incredible world.

Know the symbols to read a crochet chart!

When we talk about graphics, we are talking about symbols that come together to create a map that indicates what we should do. With that in mind, the first thing you should know is the symbols. This is the most important of our golden tips for reading a crochet chart.

The following is a list of some of the most common symbols. Try to understand each one well, that way you will be able to interpret most of the graphics that are in magazines and the internet.

crochet chart
Understand how to read a crochet chart! (Photo: Internet)

Linear graphic and circle graphic

Linear graphic

Know that linear graphics are very common for creating round rugs and towels. Usually they start at the center, and can be a base of chains that will be joined at the end or a magic circle.

Usually the graph shows the points in the center completely and then only a piece of the points that will complete the work. This part must be replicated correctly, so that you will have a perfect job.

Linear graphic

Works with rectangular or square structures are usually done with linear graphics. Always started by a base of chains.

These jobs are done with round-trip careers. That is, you make a career and turn the job over to return to the previous one.

Line graphs should be read from bottom to top and from right to left on the first line. After the first row, it is necessary to turn the work, but on the graph the drawing will be from left to right. Follow it successively.

These are our golden tips for reading a crochet chart so you can do beautiful work. Enjoy and learn more tips on our website.


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