Crochet blankets inspirations for you to fall in love with


The blankets are cozy pieces, and also work as decoration items. In this sense, it is good to know the different models of crochet blankets. Thus, we will show you ideas for you to fall in love even more with these pieces.

We also suggest that you stay tuned because at the end of the post we leave a pattern for you to learn. Wonderful, isn’t it?


The blankets can be used both by babies and adults. Therefore, crochet blankets are versatile. Know that with little technique, it is possible to create incredible pieces with different colors and styles.

Colorful crochet blankets

Blankets with colored prints transform the atmosphere of the environment. Running away from the sober tones, you can make the places more fun. It doesn’t matter if the tones are hot or cold, notice that the pieces mark the personality.

crochet blankets
See different colorful crochet blanket options. (Photo: Internet)

Crochet blankets for babies

The blankets are go-to pieces for moms, so the crochet blankets could not get outside of a trousseau. You can make pieces in the traditional colors pink and blue but also work with more neutral colors like white, yellow, and green.

crochet blankets
See inspirations of crochet blankets for babies. (Photo: Internet)

Thematic crochet blankets

Have you ever thought of making themed blankets? We brought two ideas that we are sure will please several people. The Harry Potter fever came with everything a few years ago and will last even more with these blankets.

crochet blankets
See two blankets models with the theme Harry Potter. (Photo: Internet)

The second idea is to make Christmas blankets. These pieces are ideal to make the house even cozier at this so special time of the year.

See the combination of green, red, and white to make Christmas crochet blankets. (Photo: Internet)

Hands-on the hook: learn to make a piece

Now that you have seen some crochet blankets ideas, let’s teach you how to make a model of easy performance. Learn that the chosen blanket measures 35″x 39″. To make it, you will need 7 balls of thread in the color of your preference and a crochet hook “P”.

The chart to make a crochet. (Photo: Internet)

For the way of doing it, start to loosely assemble 33 foundation chains and work 1 row in double crochet. Continue the work following the chart. At 39″ in the beginning, work the last row at 33 double crochet and cast off.

Don’t waste time and enjoy your crochet skills right now. Separate your material and have fun making several pieces. We are sure that you will create amazing jobs. Don’t give up! 

We hope the ideas we brought might have inspired you to create your crochet blankets. With so many options it is even more difficult to make just one blanket, isn’t it?


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