Make a crochet bed runner in a few hours


Do you know what a crochet bed runner is? This is a decoration piece that makes the bed a charm. Know that another term used to designate this piece is the blanket. However, the bed runner better specifies how the piece is used: it crosses the bed from side to side.

We can say that the main difference between the bed runner and the blanket may be attributed to the stitches used. In the bed runner, for example, the stitches may be more opened because their purpose is the decoration and not necessarily the protection against the cold.


Meanwhile, the blanket stitches are more closed. This is because this piece serves to cover the body. The blankets are even used in armchairs, beanbags, and sofas. However, the bed runners are limited, mainly, to the bed.

crochet footboard
See how it is possible to use crochet to make a bed runner. (Photo: Internet)

Yarn types to make a crochet bed runner

Like the blanket, the crochet bed runner may be made with twine, wool, and even knit yarn. The important to highlight is that the yarn type directly influences the result of your work. This means that, depending on the yarn thickness, you will have a more malleable or more rigid piece.

However, know that you may work with the yarn that you have more preference or familiarity with. In other words, if you are used to working with twine, you can start the task of making a bed runner with this yarn.

But, if you want to use your techniques to venture into other yarn, throw yourself! Understand that crochet is nothing more than a basic stitches combination. So, you may use your skills to create amazing pieces.

Learn now how to make a piece

Since you already dominate the crochet basics stitches, you may make a crochet bed runner in a few hours. This because the bed runner production below uses only the ch and dc stitches. Check the guidelines in the chart below.

crochet bed runner
A chart to make a crochet bed runner in a few hours. (Photo: Internet)

Have you ever thought about creating a bed runner with different colors? Using mixed yarns, you may make your piece even more unique and personalized. You may still improve your bed runner by matching its colors with those of other room accessories, such as the bedspread and sheets.

Did you see how this piece is easy to make? So take this model to train a lot and master even more the techniques of this craftsmanship. We are convinced that you can create a piece from different crochet bed runner styles and impress everyone with your production.



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