Why do crochet cachepot with knitted yarn?


Hey crocheter, do you know the cachepot? This is a very versatile piece. This is because the formats and sizes are very diverse. But, we recommend that you make a crochet cachepot with knitted yarn. So we will leave a chart at the end of this post!

Talking a little more about the cachepot, the piece is ideal for organization. Besides that, it is not restricted to a specific environment. This object can be used in the bathroom, in the kitchen, or in the room. Similarly, it is also appropriate for offices.


Although cachepots are used for object organization, know that it is also widely used to put small flowers. The plants gain more notoriety and the decoration of the places becomes even more personalized and special.

cachepot with knitted yarn
See how it is possible to make different models of a cachepot. (Photo: Internet)

Knitted yarn cachepot: a sustainable piece of crochet

Now that you know what the cachepot is appropriate for, you need to know the benefits of crocheting one with knitted yarn. Did you know that this yarn is recyclable? Understand that the material originates from industrial waste. That is, what would be disposable, now is reusable.

Because of this, the main characteristic of knitted yarn is its sustainability. Consequently, the crochet pieces made with this material are also sustainable. This is a way to beautify an environment without removing more raw materials from nature.

In this way, the knitted yarn cachepot is a piece that combines several benefits. Note that it is possible to organize and decorate different spaces, create personalized pieces for your own use or sale, and, finally, use natural resources more consciously.

Hands-on the crochet hook: make right now a cachepot

As we promise, let’s leave a model of knitted yarn cachepot for you to learn! The model we choose has a round shape. The piece has 7,41 in diameter by 3,12 in height.

The following chart has the instructions for you to recreate your own cachepot. Note that to make the piece it is necessary a knitted yarn ball in the color of your preference. The crochet hook works according to the thick yarn but can vary from the size J to P.

cachepot with knitted yarn
The chart to make a crochet cachepot with knitted yarn. (Photo: Internet)

This cachepot is a charm, isn’t it? Work hard to create amazing pieces! To highlight the stitches, you can make different types and models of crochet cachepot with knitted yarn.


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